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Last Updated on August 23, 2000


Here is a website dedicated to supporting Storm Products:

NEW Babies!!

Tim Daughters is a proud new dad!

Alice Chang just gave birth to a new baby girl - Heather Ann.

Steve O'Brien is the proud father of a new baby girl - Hayley Cherie.

Congratulations to the families!

401(k) Saga

If anyone would like to file a complaint about our 401K fiasco you can write to the following:

U.S. Dept of Labor
Pension & Welfare Benefits Administration
P.O. Box 190250
San Francisco, CA 94119

I was told to send copies of any documentation I had received regarding the 401K plan along with a letter outlining my complaint.

401(k) update

Partial 401(k) distribution/rollover checks have been mailed.  Our 401(k) plan administrator ran into a problem with the account and will issue the remaining balances soon.

If there are any questions, my email address is or give me a call at (408)776-9216.  I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.