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Scanning is one of my hobbies. I own a Bearcat XLT2500 and an AOR AR8000. In the future I will include more material here, but for now you can find some links to interesting and useful places.

Scanning related links

AOR AR8000 stuff

I am working on documenting the commands that can be sent to the AOR8000 scanner via an RS-232 computer interface. The documentation is not complete, but I welcome all

I am also in the process of writing software (Macintosh) for this scanner. Right now it is not yet very sophisticated, but it will allow you to download/upload all EEPROM data (and will therefore allow you to modify it at will, say to change the band plan or to make certain frequencies available). For an example of the contents of the EEPROM of my unit, check out this EEPROM dump. I also make available a copy of the US band plan that I use (which is more current than the one in the EEPROM dump).

Currently, there is one shareware software package for the Macintosh and the AOR AR8000, called the AR8000 Toolkit. There used to be a Web page for this product, but its author, Eddy Gurney, has removed it, and presumably, the program is no longer supported. If you would like to load/import the US bandplan that I use, upload this EEPROM file and use the Toolkit to import (Modify/Bandplan "Auto" Table/Import) the bandplan from it. Warning: this is a complete EEPROM file in Toolkit format. Don't download it to your AR8K as it only contains a bandplan, all frequency banks and search setups will be lost!

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