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The names of most commands have been invented by me since the manual that comes with the computer interface does not list any names with the commands. If you have better names, e-mail

Make sure that the communication settings are set correctly. The things you can control using the radio's functions are communication line speed (up to 9600) and the command delimiter. For the latter you can choose between carriage return only, or carriage return followed by line feed.

All commands to the radio must be delimited by the delimiter as set in the radio. Responses from the radio will use the same setting to delimit each line of output. Several commands may be put on a single line, separated by a blank. Note that use of the EX command switches the radio back into non-remote mode (local) and it is processed asynchronously. It may, therefore, interrupt any output in progress from a previous command, even if issued on the same line.

Descriptions and terminology

All commands consist of two letters in upper case ASCII, optionally followed by parameters. The details are described with each command. Each description typically also lists a small table with samples of the command and the generated output. In those tables, the characters "<" and ">" serve to visually delimit the characters sent or received, they are not part of the actual commands or the generated output! The commands are best studied in the functionally organized group listing, but for reference it is easier to consult the alphabetical listing.

Commands organized by function

Scan mode

Search mode

Alphabetical list of commands

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"AR8000 Interface," Systems and Software International, Ltd. (This came with the EDCO interface)


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