Nicole Wu

Globe Americas

The EAP year abroad was the most rewarding part of my college experience. It was a great opportunity to immerse myself in a culture that I was always curious about. The French culture is a lot slower paced than New York… Living here, you sometimes get so involved in your day to day routines that you forget to sit and enjoy a nice meal or an espresso at a cafe. I feel that my time in France reminds me of that and now I make it a point (at least on weekends) to have friends over for a big dinner party with French wine (of course). I am always looking for French events in the city, movies or conversation round tables, where I can meet others with similar interests and practice
my French.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I encouraged my little brother, Bruno, to go abroad as well. He is currently studying musical theatre in London (at least that’s what he tells us), and is absolutely loving it!

I still go to Brazil once a year to visit family and friends, and have already booked my flight this year for August. Since working in the Finance Department at Lehman Brothers I now have 3 weeks of vacation, instead of 2 (at my previous job), I get a little more time to travel to other places. In February, I went to Punta Cana, DR, with some friends. Although it was only for 4 days, we had a relaxing time in the sun! I am also hoping to go back to France next year for the Roland Garros Tennis Tournament. Hopefully, I will get to practice my French, revisit some of my favorite spots and reconnect with old friends.

Nicole Wu
France, 1999-2000