Nicola Hil


Nicola Hil
Political Science & French Literature

Nicola, a British citizen, has lived half of her life in each of Britain and the US and says the studying in France will hold special significance for her. She has planned to study in France for most of her life because she has long had a love for the French culture and language. Her study abroad program also will work perfectly with her degree in political science and her French literature minor. While in Lyon, she plans to study at IEP Lyon, a small political science university of 1000 or so students, which will be a change from UCSD! She also hopes to take literature courses at Lyon 2, a much larger university.

She writes:

I’m sure this next year will be extremely important in defining my plans for the future. I am currently at a crossroads, facing the choice to stay in California, return to the UK, or form a new life for myself somewhere else. After living at the UCSD International House for the past year, I am excited to become an international student myself and experience life in another country. I believe that learning about other places and cultures is not only interesting, but also an important step to becoming a well-rounded, open-minded person. Living in a different country will be challenging, but well worth it in the long run.