Kipp Trieu

Institut d’études politiques de Paris
(Sciences Po)

Kipp Trieu
Communication, French Literature & Education Studies

Kipp is a born and bred Californian; cheese runs through his veins.

Kipp is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, with minors in French Literature and Education Studies. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a Master’s in education and a multiple-subject teaching credential, to eventually become a teacher.

Kipp loves working with children, and firmly believes that education, mutual respect, acceptance and tolerance are the cornerstones of all human relationships, be them interpersonal or international.

Currently, Kipp is a Resident Advisor (RA) at Warren College, UCSD. Kipp is also involved in Warren College Television, an on-campus, student-operated television station, where he is a principal member and associate station manager. Academically, Kipp conducts child development research under the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition at UCSD, and works at sites in Camp Pendleton and National City, San Diego.

In France, Kipp hopes to be an international student, as well as an international student, both in the sense of being a student studying abroad and in the sense of being a well- educated, well- rounded student of the international arena.

Kipp is also an accomplished pianist, having performed internationally in multi-piano concerts, and loves to cook, and consequently eat. Songs that are currently on his iPod include: Fun, Fun, Fun, The Beach Boys; La belle et le bad boy, MC Solaar; If I Had Eyes, Jack Johnson; Edge of Seventeen, Stevie Nicks; and every good Britney Spears song every recorded.