Emilie Ellis

University of Freiburg

Emily Ellis

Emilie is a Sixth College student at UCSD, born and raised in Torrance, California by a Filipino mother and an American father. She grew up with a love for travel inherited from her parents who took her and hersister and on their travels across Europe and Asia while they were young. She says: “They made a conscious effort to expand our horizons through these experiences and even went so far as to enroll us in a German kindergarten, where my love for German culture began.”

About her study abroad she says:

I am an Anthropology and International Studies-Linguistics major and I hope that my time abroad in Germany will allow me gain a more global perspective on my studies at UCSD. I look forward to also using the time to learn German and study the German culture first hand during my year at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, as it is my International Studies area of focus. I am also very excited to be able to do some independent traveling from my home base in Freiburg to many of the Eastern European countries I have yet to visit, and hopefully still have time to explore Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco before returning to UCSD.