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Dear Contributors,

Did you hear our sigh of relief when the IRS granted the Chris Borton Memorial Scholarship Fund permanent status as a public charity? A review of the five-year summary, copies of our letters to contributors and the number of responses pushed us into the desired classification. Thanks to all of you we can continue to grant scholarships without paying a tax on income while you can continue to list us among your tax deductible contributions.

In 2002 we granted three $3,000 scholarships for study abroad to outstanding University of California-San Diego students. Much to our surprise the first student to go only stayed two weeks in Germany and returned upon medical advice to avoid further panic attacks. As a result we have two recipients abroad in Egypt and France and can grant unused funds to next year’s selectees. Since the Fund’s earnings were less than expected this year, the net result is that we will have enough for three scholarships next spring. We hope to be able to continue at this level and possibly expand in the future.

Many of you have expressed your support for the scholarship project in words as well as in contributions, and we appreciate that very much. Here is a sample: “Thank you for the update on the scholarship recipients. In these troubled times I’m thankful to know people like you who encourage and help students create a better future by making friendly contacts around the world — this fund is a truly wonderful tribute to Chris.”

Meet the newest members of our scholarship family:

Julia CarterJulia Carter (2002-03, Egypt) is pursuing a double major in History and Religious Studies. She chose to study at the American University in Cairo to gain some understanding of the interaction of historical and religious issues in the Middle East, as well as to learn how the U.S. is viewed from an Egyptian perspective. In August we were able to discuss Julia’s plans and hopes for the year while she visited in Davis; Ellie by then had come home to Davis and was able to share many lively anecdotes of her year in Spain. Julia has sent fascinating accounts of her explorations of Cairo, Saqqara, Memphis, the Fayyum Oasis (where “I truly felt like Indiana Jones, crawling about in an attempt to discover the mysteries of the ancient world.”) and Taba on the Red Sea.

Mary Jo VelascoMary Jo Velasco (2002-03, France) is studying European History and Music in Bordeaux. She was very pleased to have auditioned successfully into a prestigious amateur chorale that is performing three big concerts with works by Prokoviev, Mozart and Berlioz this year. In her initial intensive language program Mary Jo met students “from all over the world.” She found an apartment in downtown Bordeaux and had an opportunity to travel in Ireland.

Keeping up with former recipients is a growing task and since some are more frequent correspondents than others, the following listing varies considerably in details available about what they are doing since returning from study abroad.

Ben Winkler-McCue (2001-02, Spain) is back at the paleobiology lab at Scripps while taking evolution and ecology classes. He may take off one quarter to help a friend crew a sailboat from Panama to Texas (“The help and support you provided definitely catalyzed my desire for adventure and knowledge of the big wide world out there.”)

Ellie Holloway (2001-02, Spain) invited us to her “bienvenida” (welcome home party) last summer. Before she returned to UCSD to immerse herself in Spanish Literature courses, we had several opportunities to hear her still fresh stories about life in Spain, illustrated with several photo albums. At UCSD, Ellie got an internship position at the Study Abroad Office and before long was asked to do a presentation about scholarship opportunities. “This connection is a wonderful way to relive my experiences and keep them present in my mind from day to day.”

Christopher Beck (2001-02, Italy) was an incredible correspondent while he was in Bologna. We have a wonderful collection of postcards, letters and e-mails describing his experiences while studying and traveling in Italy and elsewhere, right through last summer. Since his return to the US, we have been less successful at staying in touch.

Shige Itoh (2000-01, Japan) graduated with a top Management Science degree award from the Economics Department and the Education Abroad Program returnee of the year award from the International Center. He is now in his first year at the UC Berkeley Law School, finding the people very considerate and helpful. Although we now are within easy distance from each other, we haven’t managed to mesh schedules yet.

Yukio King (2000-01, Germany) has been busy with internships in housing issues and transportation while finishing his last quarter and preparing for an internship at the Senatsverwaltung fur Stadtentwicklung in Berlin. He also is eager to get back into chamber music, time permitting.

Nicole Wu (1999-00, France) is working as an Operations Associate for Fixed Income securities at AIG Trading in Greenwich, Connecticut – a great experience, she reports. She also finds time for Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts) and volleyball.
Andrea Martinez-Calvillo (1999-00, Mexico) spent the first half of the year studying in San Jose, Costa Rica, living with a local family. She taught dance at a high school there and thinks that she “played an important part in getting those young adults interested in dance.” Now she is back in California, teaching English Language Learners while working on her teaching credential at San Diego State University.

Austin Leininger (1998-99, Scotland) is working for the department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries in the Episcopal Diocese of California and will be starting Seminary in Berkeley next fall. Next to his volunteer work he continues his studies of Go-ju-ryu Karate and looks forward to ballet opportunities available in Berkeley.

Mark Morris (1998-99, Ghana) is still in San Diego, as far as we know, but we lack a recent update.

Jenny Chang (1997-98, U.K.) moved from San Diego to Seattle in August to begin her studies for a PhD at the University of Washington. She reports that she enjoys Seattle, her new acquaintances and being back in school.

In late November 2001, Ray and Verena were able to travel to San Diego to attend an event honoring both donors and recipients of scholarships for students of UCSD. Spending an evening with Yukio, Andrea, Jenny, and Shige, as well as Kim Burton (who coordinates the San Diego aspect of our scholarships) and a former professor of Chris’ and his wife was a truly poignant experience that tied past, present and future together.

Being a part of the Chris Borton Memorial Scholarship Fund is significant for all of us in different ways, but in each case it links friends around the world together in a constructive effort to extend international understanding.