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August 1998

Dear Contributors,

We are pleased to report that the Chris Borton Memorial Scholarship Fund recently made two awards of $3000 each for the coming school year. One scholarship will help Austin Leininger during his year at the University of Sterling in Scotland. The other scholarship will assist Mark Morris who is scheduled to spend his first semester at the University of Ghana and his second semester at the University of Science and Technology at Kumasi. As they were preparing to go, our first scholarship recipient, Jennifer Chang, returned from the University of East Anglia in England.

The earnings from the Fund will be enough to continue at this level into the future. We are most grateful to all of you for having made this possible. Representing all the donors, Ray and Verena were invited to UCSD for a “Scholarship Salute” in April. Verena was asked to give a brief speech describing why the scholarship fund was created and what it has meant to us. The text is enclosed.

Austin Leininger
Going to Scotland
Mark Morris
Going to Ghana

One family friend who lives in Paris offered to host scholarship holders who might be traveling in France. As mentioned in the enclosed newspaper article, Jennifer availed herself of this opportunity in April. Mark and Austin may be able to meet with friends of ours in Ghana and Scotland, friends who hosted Chris at different times.

Our IRS approval for being a nontaxable charitable organization will be reviewed after four years. One of the criteria for making the designation permanent is for us to be able to show continued public support and a range of donors that are not part of the immediate family. Hence, we hope you will remember our Fund when you make your tax deductable contributions. All funds are handled by Mike Scanlin, 505 Cypress Point Dr #72, Mountain View, CA 94043.

Chris would be most pleased with the progress of the Fund, just as we are. These three young people who never knew him have been inspired and encouraged by his example, and we expect that they will make significant contributions toward better international understanding.

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