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September 1997

Dear Contributors,

Thanks to your outpouring of support, the University of California at San Diego was able to award the first $3,000 Chris Borton Memorial Scholarship within a year of the Fund’s inception. We are delighted to announce that the first recipient, Jennifer Chang, will begin a year’s studies in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K., this month under the auspices of UCSD’s Education Abroad Program.

Board and Jennifer
Standing in front of one of the Chris Borton Memorial Trees in Davis, California: Mike Scanlin, Joan Burg, Jennifer Chang, Verena and Ray Borton

Jennifer shares Chris’ background as a graduate of Davis Senior High School and student at UCSD’s Warren College, as well as his interests in science and music. She is anticipating her experiences abroad with an eager mind and open heart, contemplating not only the immediate adventures but also the long-range benefits of this opportunity.

Contributions to the Fund thus far have come from 148 sources on five continents – we are most gratified with the response. In fact, there have been enough donations to guarantee two $3,000 scholarships from the Fund’s earnings next year.

The Chris Borton Memorial Scholarship Fund has obtained tax exempt status as a public charity at the state and federal level (an exercise in diligence and patience involving endless papers – thank you, Mike!). The IRS designation is for four years. It will be renewed at the current fully exempt status in 2001 if we can demonstrate that the earnings have been spent as intended and that public support continues.

Our success this year presents the challenge of annually raising further donations to preserve our tax exempt status as a public charity. A percentage of each year’s income must be donations from individuals other than family members and Board Directors.

For each of us the scholarship project has been a source of strength as we worked through the first year of grieving the loss of our son, husband and friend. We thank you for sharing in a project that demonstrates the impact Chris’ life had on us all. We are confident that the annual scholarships to promote international awareness and understanding are a fitting tribute to Chris’ ideals.

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