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General Citizen of The Netherlands, permanent resident of the United States, fluent in English and Dutch, good knowledge of German and French
Professional Experience
11/98 — now Starfield Consulting Mountain View, CA
Starfield Consulting is a one-person consulting firm that I have started. I offer consulting services in the management consulting area, as well as in various technical areas. Some clients:, Inc., Cadence Design Systems, StrongMail Systems Inc.,, SAP Ventures.
2015 — now All Mobile Fund San Francisco, California
Chief Technology Officier
AllMobile is a seed stage investment fund focusing on mobile-first startups that use Artificial Intelligence to turn Big Data into business intelligence.
06/2012 — now Pacific Technology Partners California, Japan, Jakarta
Operating Partner
Pacific Technology Partners is a private investment firm providing buyout and growth capital for technology companies. The firm is focused on companies that are active in the emerging mobile broadband ecosystem.
As operating partner I get involved with (technical) due-diligence on new investment opportunities, as well as help portfolio companies with their technical or management challenges.
06/2012 — 06/2016 Ice House Corporation Jakarta, Indonesia
Sr. Architect, US Project Manager
Ice House is a global engineering and design firm that crafts unique and engaging user experiences from the latest mobile technologies, with expertise on all popular mobile platforms, as well as building custom backend system for CMS, Administration, and mobiel APIs.
07/2000 — 07/2001 CertifiedTime, Inc. San Jose, CA
CTO and Vice President of Engineering
CertifiedTime, Inc. is a service provider for Trusted Time. Using its services allows precise setting of time on devices and computers, and preserves evidence (evidentiary time) so that it can be used to create non-repudiation.
I was responsible for the development of software products (client software, Web applications) and the hardware/networking infrastructure for the highly redundant global timing network. While at CerftifiedTime I deployed new timing centers in New Jersey, California, Chicago and Tokyo, Japan.
06/99 — 06/2000 Cyntric, Inc. San Mateo, CA
CTO and Vice President of Engineering
Cyntric, formerly known as, Inc. was a startup trying to create a B2B Internet marketplace and transportation solution for small to mid-size shippers.
As the number 2 employee, I helped raise the first round of funds. As Vice President I was responsible for all technical matters, including technology, and partner and equipment decisions. Built a team of 10 engineers to create and deploy Cyntric's first product.
01/98 — 06/98 Storm Technology, Inc. Mountain View, CA
Vice President of Software
In addition to responsibilities of previous position, now responsible for overall software strategy and company-wide quality initiative. Report to the Vice President of Engineering. Specific other responsibilities included managing International software/product releases, release of improved and re-branded Logitech PageScan USB as a Storm product. This product, as the first of its kind (bus powered USB sheetfed scanner) was a significant and successful part of Microsoft’s Windows 98 demonstrations.
1996 — 01/98 Storm Technology, Inc. Mountain View, CA
Director of Software
This was mostly a continuation of my previous job and title, although at this point Storm had a separate hardware and software department. Further expanded on the business development role, responsible for managing contracts, contacts and projects with major partners such as EPSON, Adobe and Intel. Overall responsibility for three subgroups: Application software, Software Technology and QA. The QA group was responsible for both hardware and software QA as well as CD-ROM configuration management and Installer development. Successfully managed and completed many product releases.
1991 - 1996 Storm Technology, Inc. Mountain View, CA
Director of Engineering - System and core technology
Over the years, my title varied to indicate my main responsibilities in terms of product development. In the early years of Storm that included responsibility for both hardware and software products. Later, when Storm as a company focused exclusively on software, my title changed, and later still, my team specifically focused on the creation of high value proprietary technologies, such as a very fast JPEG compression engine, a specialized virtual memory system for images, "smart" image filters etc. When Storm started to design and manufacture scanners, I was responsible for both hardware and software for several months.
I was responsible for many of Storm’s end-user products, such as PicturePress, StormCard, ThunderStorm series of daughter cards, Adobe Photoshop acceleration software, Apple PhotoFlash versions 1.0 and 2.0, Kid’s Studio (Macintosh and Windows), EasyPhoto (Windows and Macintosh), all versions.
In all cases my responsibilities included recruiting and managing groups of people, ranging in size from 1-2 up to 8, with overall responsibility ranging from 2 to 15 people. This involved software, hardware and mixed teams.
Further responsibilities included project management, product planning, budgeting, OEM contacts and business development.
11/89 — 07/91 Storm Technology, Inc. The Netherlands
Consultant and Founder
Led a team of four engineers (hardware and software) in the development effort for Storm’s products: PicturePress and StormCard (NuBus/VME/Sbus). This involved Macintosh application software, as well as assembly code for AT&T’s DSP16 signal processor.
1990— 07/91 University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Manager Computer Support Group (CSG)
Manager of a computer service group for the computer science department. Responsible for 4 operators/programmers and 8 academically schooled scientific system design engineers. My group was responsible for maintaining all computer systems and networks. This included a combination of Ethernet (IP) and AppleTalk using several routers and bridges connecting about 50 desktop workstations (mostly SUN) and several large file servers and mini computers. The group provides both end-user support, as well as programming services to various research groups within the department.
This job further included an advisory function on all computer system, and related equipment, purchases.
I was a member of faculty management staff and budgeting committee.
06/88 — 11/88 AT&T Bell Laboratories Holmdel, NJ
Visiting Scientist
On leave from the university, I worked with Adriaan Ligtenberg, later co-founder of Storm, on creating a compiler for the DSP-16 and on programming image compression algorithms on a DSP-16. Also learned C++ and worked on a graphical UI using X-Windows.
03/86 — 1990 University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Ph.D. Researcher
For research, see under Education. During my Ph.D. research, instead of teaching, which I did on an occasional basis, I worked to manage the new department of computer science’s computer systems and networks. I introduced the Macintosh as the premier teaching tool for first and second year students; a huge improvement over the Unix based system in use at the time.
06/85 — 03/86 University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
This was a continuation of the work done during my master’s thesis research, finishing a Modula-2 compiler and starting the research later continued for my Ph.D.
06/84 — 03/86 Apple Computer Holland B.V. Zeist, The Netherlands
As one of the first Macintosh Developers and experts in Holland, consultant to Apple computer to develop and teach classes in Macintosh development to new developers from Apple’s GEA (General European Area).
03/84 — 1990 Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Independent Macintosh software developer
After introducing the computer science department to the Macintosh in early 1984, I quickly became a Macintosh enthusiast and expert. I was one of the early developers in The Netherlands. Did a variety of products, including a MacPascal like interactive development environment for teaching students micro-code programming. Also created a commercial product for installation of SCSI device drivers and hard disk management.
Jan 1990 Storm Technology, Inc. Palo Alto, CA
Adriaan Ligtenberg, Dolf Starreveld and Chris Borton founded Storm Technology.
1993 — 1994
Member of JPEG standardization committee
Replaced Storm's co-founder Adriaan Ligtenberg as a member of the US delegation on the International JPEG standardization committee. Editor of and contributor to the file format section of the JPEG 2000 standard.
03/86 — 03/90 University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Ph.D. researcher
Design and implementation of an efficient machine for parallel execution of logic programs, in particular Prolog and certain parallel variations. This involved an implementation using several custom designed 68010 based systems communicating through shared memory and using a proprietary operating system (FADOS), hosted by a SUN-1 workstation.
08/78 — 06/85 University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Master’s Degree: experimental high energy physics
Double minor in computer science. Worked on implementation of several Modula-2 compilers and implemented software for a custom designed very fast hardware link between a Control Data Corp Cyber 3000 channel and a Motorola 68000 for a dedicated network control. The work was done at NIKHEF-H, the Dutch National High Energy Physics Institute.
Patents US Patent No. 5,682,441: Method and format for storing and selectively retrieving image data. Inventors: Adriaan Ligtenberg, Dolf Starreveld and William Gulland.
US Provisional Patent Application - Methods and Apparatuses for Organizing Shipments. Filed April 2000.

A. G. Starreveld, W. G. P. Mooij, W. E. van Waning, and L. O. Hertzberger, "Design and evaluation of a parallel implementation of Prolog," in Parallel processing and Applications (E. Chiricozzi and A. d'Amico, eds.), (L'Aquila, Italy), pp. 457—480, Elsevier Science Publishers, Sep 1987.

T. Papathanassiadis, A.G. Starreveld, H. Bheda, A. Ligtenberg, "A Real Time Single Board Implementation for the Baseline Color Still Picture Compression Standard," proceedings of the PCS 90 (Picture Coding Symposium 1990), Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A., March 1990.

A. van Inge, L.O. Hertzberger, A.G. Starreveld, F. Groen, "A GAPP processor, controlled by two transputers and a Macintosh host, for image processing algorithms," University of Amsterdam, June 1989.

A. van Inge, L.O. Hertzberger, A.G. Starreveld, F.C.A. Groen, "Algorithms on a SIMD processor array," In: NATO Advanced research workshop on multi-sensor fusion for computer vision, Vol. F99, J.K. Aggarwall (eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1993, pp. 307-322.

P. H. Hartel and A. G. Starreveld, "Modula-2 implementation overview," Journal of Pascal, Ada and Modula-2, vol. 4, pp. 9—23, Aug 1985.

Various book reviews and product reviews as well as small publications in user magazines.

Memberships Voting member of ACM since 1995.
References References available upon request.

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