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March 30, 2003: Today was a very nice sunny and warm day. Mommy decided I've had enough breast milk, so Daddy got me out of bed and gave me breakfast. Then we went for a walk to the part so Mommie could sleep some more. In the afternoon Mommy took me to Rancho San Antonio, a nearby park, where we visited the petting zoo and took another nice walk.

February, 2003: Hey, now I no longer need something to hold on to to stand up straight. I just put my hands on the floor, butt in the air, and lift my upper body up. I started to run too, but unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy can stil catch up.

February 27, 2003: I am not zero anymore! Today is my first birthday and marks my progression from baby to little boy. We had a nice party, with great cake. 't Was my first time eating birthday cake and I enjoyed it. I also got lots of presents.

February 4-16, 2003: Back in Montana, this time in the winter. Pretty here. Not as much snow as usual (I'm told), but plenty for me. Quite cold the first few days (-20F/-29C), but better later. Our neighbor Arleen and Mya joined us for the last week. What fun. I didn't quite like the thick snow suit and the big boots, but they did keep me warm. Tobogganing was a new experience, but fun also, although a little fast. Had a great time here. Once I learn to write, I'll write in the guestbook Grandma!

January, 2003: Forgot exactly when, but I figured out this walking thing. I can do it for many steps now, I can turn around as well. Haven't mastered steps yet, but I am working on it.

January 1-5, 2003: Some more fun days in Houston in the new year. Went to the beach in Galveston on a very pretty day. We had visits from Edwin and Helga and the kids (the providers of the toys, and old college friend of Dad and Uncle Ron), and Mom's friend Aviva and Michael and their children. Then, back on the plane to go home. It is good to be home again!

December 31, 2002: Time for a Dutch New Year's tradition: Oliebollen (Oily balls!). I suppose they are somewhat like donuts, but they are balls and you eat them with powdered sugar. Pretty yummy. I didn't quite stay up for the champagne and fireworks, may be next year I will.

December 27-30, 2002: Daddy explained that there is a tradition where we celebrate New Year's with Uncle Ron and Aunt Anneke. In the past this happened in The Netherlands, Oman, California, and Houston. We take turns and this year we went to Houston, TX. The weather was great and I had lots of fun. I have started to walk and Uncle Ron's house has stairs, so I tried to climb them. Not all that hard. On the second try I crawled up all 23 steps (with Daddy right behind me for safety). There were lots of toys that we borrowed from Edwin and Helga (thanks!) so I was not bored. Great walks around the golf course too! Anut Anneke's parents were there too.

December 24-25, 2002: Christmas is good, you get presents, just like at Chanukah! I got my presents at the Bortons in Davis. Had a great time there!

November, 2002: I've been busy going to day care and playing with my friends there, so this blog (if you don't know what that means, get with the program: Web-Log) is updated less often. Keep checking for updates though! I did have my first Chanukah dinner with the Rubin family, and we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Bortons in Davis.

October 13, 2002: Its been enough. Today we saw Adina one more time and then left for the airport. Larry the favorite cab driver took us to the airport. After some shuffling we managed to get a bulkhead seat, but no nice crib this time. I did OK though and we arrived home alright. Good to be home.

October 12, 2002: Some more reunion stuff and a visit to the new GW hospital. Saw Mom in action intubating a dummy in the instruction lab. Dad too shocking the guy with the paddles. Boy was he clumsy. He almost electrocuted the instructor! Later in the afternoon we went to visit my great aunt Vera, great uncle Bob and their daughter Judy.

October 11, 2002: Believe it or not, but it has been 20 years since Mom finished medical school at George Washington University. As it so happened, a 20 year Reunion was going on this weekend and tonight we went to a dinner. I was very good and slept through most of it. Two of Mom's doctor friends fed me dinner! We said goodby to grandma and grandpa. They are off to Montana for their final visit of the year early tomorrow morning.

October 10, 2002: Of course Mom had to meet with "the girls". We met at the pancake house where Dad has to come before the inquisition (his first introduction to the girls). Everybody had pancakes but me! Great seeing all of them. They love me, of course! At night grandpa and grandma took us out to dinner at The Oceanaire. Fancy place, but I still got the same old same old: breast milk and mashed sweet potatoes with rice cereal. Great entertainmant watching all the people though.

October 9, 2002: Dinner with Mom's friend Adina and her husband Lewis and children Noah and Maya.

October 8, 2002: The Burg family that lives in the area came together for dinner. Uncle Larry, Aunt Sally, Aunt Betsy, Uncle Mike and my cousins Maureen and Louise were all there. Great to see everyone.

October 7, 2002: Travel time again. Aunt Ellie drove us to the Schiphol airport and we had a pleasant flight to Washington D.C. Grandma picked us up and we went home and relaxed from the travel. We learned about the "Washington Sniper".

October 6, 2002: Mommy wanted some pictures of me and her and a windmill so we went into town to the "Molen van Piet" and took some pictures. From there we went to the "Roerdompstraat" for a final visit to Oma and Opa Bonnie. Uncle Loet and Aunt Ellie and Gwen and Jur were also coming. Much to our surprise uncle Paul and Linda and Thijs were also there. We had coffee and it was very "gezellig". Sadly it was also time to say goodbye to everyone. Gwen in particular was very sad and wanted to come back to the US to live with us. May be one day she'll come visit.

October 5, 2002: Oma Nanda's brother Cees and his wife Matty came to visit me as well. They were busy moving, but they had some time today.

October 4, 2002: Uncle Loet and aunt Ellie had invited us to dinner this Friday, but of course it was really Gwen and Jur who wanted to see me again! Gwen and Jur shared toys with me and we had lots of fun. I used Gwen's Danish design high chair for dinner. Pretty cool.

October 3, 2002: The first visit from the Starreveld side of the family. Dad's aunt Dina and her son, cousin Ronald came to Alkmaar to check me out. We had lunch together, it was a nice visit. At night Oma was baby sitting me so Mom and Dad could go to dinner. Mom wanted to have another Rijsttafel dinner (Indonesian food). Oma took good care of me.

October 2, 2002: Today we were invited to dinner at Oma and Opa Bonnie's. They eat dinner at lunch time! Anyway, Oma had wanted to make some real Dutch food for Mom and Dad, and real Dutch it was. I had a great time too. At night we visited Aunt Carla (she was married to uncle Jos, whom I have not yet met) and cousins Herman, Chris and Magda. Boy they all speak English very well. We had to cut the visit short because I started feeling cranky again, and behaving badly as well.

October 1, 2002: Today was a beautiful day. We had no visits planned so we went to the beach in Egmond aan Zee. We took a walk, had coffee with Appelgebak (apple pie) at the "strandpaviljoen" and on the way home we visited the Albert Heijn where dad used to work.

September 30, 2002: Time for my first visit to the "Roerdompstraat", where opa and oma Bonnie live. Great weather, we were sitting outside most of the time. I was feeling kind of cranky from the disrupted sleep patterns so I was not at my best.

September 29, 2002: Visited some of the Bonnie family at uncle Paul and aunt Rina's house in Zaandam. Luckily Daddy still knew how to get there after 10 years! Uncle Loet and aunt Ellie also came with their children. I played a lot with Linda, Tesja, Thijs, Gwen and Jur. I had a great time, in fact so great that I forgot to sleep.

September 28, 2002: Visited Daddy's friend Andre and his wife Klazien and their children Kitty, Rick and Samantha.

September 27, 2002: Arrived in Holland at Oma Nanda's house. Opa Loet picked us up at the airport. I'm a little tired and severely jet lagged. I think I'll just wake up in the middle of the night.

September 26, 2002: We left for a trip to Holland to visit my Dutch family. Long flight from San Francisco to London; 10.5 hours, but I can handle it. Nice comfortable crib attaching to the bulk-head wall. The flight attendants just love me!

August 3, 2002: Grandma is arriving from Montana for a short visit.

July 19-28, 2002: Just got home from Montana, and we're off again. Searanch calls. Later in the week we are joined by our neighbors Amir, Martina, Jonathan and Naomi.

July 11, 2002: We're home. Good to see Curry, I've missed him. Sleeping in the crib in the motel last night was OK, but I like my own bed!

July 10, 2002: Sad, sad, sad. Our Montana vacation is over. Two more days in the car lie ahead of me. I think I'll just sleep.

June 21, 2002: We've arrived in Montana. Check out some of the pictures. I will fill in some more detail later.

June 20, 2002: Today Mom, Dad and I (and Winnie) left for Montana. We're going to have vacation in grandpa and grandma's house on Hebgen Lake, near West Yellowstone.

June 6-10, 2002: We're off to the Borton's house at The Searanch to celebrate Dad's birthday.

May 21, 2002: We flew back home today. It is good to be home.

May 17, 2002: Today Grandma got the George Washington University Distinguished Alumni Award. Not just any grandma huh! All the family was invited to this black tie affair, my first formal affair. Before we left uncle Bob got to hold me. I met my cousins Maureen and Louise and their parents, and uncle Larry and aunt Sally.

May 16, 2002: We're in Georgetown now. The "girls" (Mom's friends Wendy, Debbie and Marla) came over for lunch. I am so good looking, they were all anxious to hold me!

May 15, 2002: Today I made my first plane trip. We are visiting grandpa and grandma in Washington. With Mommy and Daddy we left at 6AM (in a limousine!) to San Francisco Airport. We visited the Red CarpetClub and then we boarded our flight to Washington. I like to travel in style, so I was flying first class. The food, as airline food goes, was excellent. I suppose Mommy had something to do with that. Daddy tried to change my diaper in a tiny bathroom without changing table. There was barely enough room for me, so I let him have it. Peed and puked all over!

May 12, 2002: Mother's day! All because of me. I bought Mommy a nice bouqet of flowers yesterday. I tell you though, the Bay area is expensive. Since I do not have any money yet, I had to borrow from Dad. He says I now owe him my allowance for the next two years. Dad tells me flowers are much cheaper in Holland. We also went to visit my god parents, the Bortons in Davis. First long car trip. Two hours each way, but I just slept. Good day.

April 29, 2002: My second doctor's visit. I am now 11 lbs 12 ozs and 23" long. Docter Kim says I am the perfect 50 percentile baby. Well, that may be, but I may have screamed like the 100 percentile baby when the nurse gave my 4 shots. Darn that hurt!

April 20, 2002: It was nice and sunny and Mom and Dad bought me some cool shades today. Check them out!

April 14, 2002: Wow! I slept through it all, but I was told there were over 30 people at my naming. I got lots of presents too! All my grandparents were here (even oma Nanda from The Netherlands) and my god parents Ray and Verena Borton were here. IT was a great day.

April 13, 2002: I will be officially named today at 3PM.

April 12, 2002: Grandpa arrives for my naming ceremony.

April 11, 2002: Oma Nanda from the Netherlands arrives for my naming ceremony.

April 10, 2002: Today Grandma arrives for my naming ceremony.

April 8, 2002: Had a nice walk in the stroller with Mom, my girl friend Naomi and her Mom Martina (they live accross the street), and Winnie came along too. Winnie is starting to be less afraid of me, even when I cry. She comes around to snif me (but retreats quickly when she detects a dirty diaper).

April 7, 2002: My first visit to Fresh Choice. What a mess on Sunday night! It makes dinner for Mom and Dad easy though. When I get a little older I think I like to go here though. Although I did not eat there, I have grown a lot. Tonight Dad weighed me at 11lbs!

April 1, 2002: I am already 15 pounds now and 3 foot 2!               Hah, April fools!

March 29, 2002: Boy, presents are coming in from all directions. I have gotten lots of new clothes, toys and a few books.

March 15, 2002: Had my first visit with the pediatrician today. Dr. Kim is very nice and she did not budge when I pooped on her examination table. What a gal! I have grown to 7 lbs and 11 oz and 21 inches; mommy is feeding me well! Everything checked out A-OK, and I am expected back in about 6-7 weeks.

March 13, 2002: Grandma left this morning. She said she needs to do her mail and go take care of her "other" baby. I'll miss her, but she'll be back soon.

March 11, 2002: We went out for dinner to La Fiesta because Mommy said she was dying for a marguerita! It was my first restaurant trip and I did fine. Slept through most of it anyway.

March 8, 2002: My first Shabbat at home! Went out for a walk in the stroller today. Very nice!

March 7, 2002: Grandpa is here! He is nice. Said he wants to teach me fly-fishing as soon as possible. Grandpa is not much help with the diapers though. Ouch! Today I lost a part of me during the bris. It didn't hurt much and the wine I got knocked my out a little but. I am now officially Jewish. My Jewish name is Matan ben Dolf v Soshanna, which means "gift".

March 6, 2002: Today is my 1 week birthday! I've just come home from the hospital again. Mommy's blood pressure was a little high and the doctor decided to put her in the hospital for another day. So, I got to stay there again, and daddy did as well. I slept in daddy's arms all night and we snored together according to mommy. I am happy to be home again now! Tonight grandpa is arriving from Washington. I look forward to meeting him.

March 2, 2002: Today I really became good at nursing. Mom's milk has started arriving. After the liquid gold business, I am finally getting the real stuff. I suck, or so they say, I suck great. My nurses have called me "a pistol", "Max the nuzzle king", and "Max The Suck Meister". After I am done, I like to look around a bit before I take a nap. I have put up some new pictures, including some when I am doing that. Today my blood got tested because I looked a bit yellow, but I am ok. I also got my second shot today (first vitamin K and now Hepatitis-B). Tomorrow, the day I was supposed to arrive, I will actually be arriving home!

February 27, 2002: Hi, I just had to make a Web page, so here it is! Mom and I are doing fine (and Dad too, I guess). After 37 hours she still had not convinced me to come out (nice and cozy in there), and she and her doctor friends decided to come and get me out. All these people in blue coats and blue hats; messy business! Anyway, it was kind of cold so I yelled loudly and they cleaned me up and passed me on to Dad. Boy was I glad they put a towel around me and let Dad carry me to the nursery right away, where they had a baby warmer for me! On the way there I met my grandmother. I think she was messing up her needlepoint when she saw me, and she was so excited.

It is not so bad out here after all, and Mom stick these things in my mouth that I suck on. It is pretty good, but she only gives me a little while so I need to suck on Dad's finger afterwards so I can fall asleep, as that is what I do mostly when I am not eating. Saturday, February 17, 2018 !

We're staying in Lucille Packard's Children's Hospital, Maternity Ward 1, Room 130. We will be there until Sunday early afternoon. I sleep a lot, and Mom is still tired from the operation so if you would like to visit, please call Dad on his cell phone to arrange a time, or come and visit us next week at home. Dad is here most of the time, but you can also leave a message at home. Oh, and for now, I would rather not yet meet you if you have a cold or something else that might make me sick.

Figured you all might like to see some pictures, so I made some more Web pages with pictures.

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