To: Kurt, Paula and Gavin email list
Date: 12 Nov 199912:03


You, as a friend of Kurt, Paula, and Gavin, have received this email because you are on a list that I have been asked to compile and maintain.

The purpose of the list is to have a single source of information for all involved/interested. If you wish to be removed, send mail to with the subject "remove".

I will be out of town starting Tuesday, November 16, until Saturday, November 27. During that period, the mailing list will be maintained by Bill Joos. For all additions and removed, contact Bill by email ( During this period, there will be no, or just sporadic updates to the Web site.

News items:

  1. Moved some items from the future events to the past events section
  2. Added a “Stories & Letters” section
  3. Administrative news added

The email list now contains 280+ addresses.

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