To: Kurt, Paula and Gavin email list
Date: 12 Nov 199912:03


You, as a friend of Kurt, Paula, and Gavin, have received this email because you are on a list that I have been asked to compile and maintain.

The purpose of the list is to have a single source of information for all involved/interested. If you wish to be removed, send mail to with the subject "remove".

Check out the Web ( to read details of the latest news ad updates, and for all historical material that has been gathered, including pictures and newspaper articles.

News items:

  1. Added a section summarizing all donation information
  2. Added a picture of Kris Anderson throwing the wreath into the ocean
  3. Added a page with Paula and Gavin pictures from the Weldon wedding last year
  4. Added address for Lisa Stearns

The email list now contains 280+ addresses.

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