To: Kurt, Paula and Gavin email list
Date: 10 Nov 1999 20:50


You, as a friend of Kurt, Paula, and Gavin, have received this email because you are on a list that I have been asked to compile and maintain.

The purpose of the list is to have a single source of information for all involved/interested. If you wish to be removed, send mail to with the subject "remove".

Check out the Web ( to read details of the latest news ad updates, and for all historical material that has been gathered, including pictures and newspaper articles.

News items:

  1. Finalized details on Nov 12 (Woodside, CA), Nov 15 (Palo Alto, CA) events are on the Web site
  2. Separate emails will be sent about these two events
  3. Added information about Boston memorial and celebration
  4. Added a few more names to the list

The email list now contains 275+ addresses.

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