To: Kurt, Paula and Gavin email list
Date: 6 Nov 1999 22:57


You, as a friend of Kurt, Paula, and Gavin, have received this email because you are on a list that I have been asked to compile and maintain.

The purpose of the list is to have a single source of information for all involved/interested. If you wish to be removed, send mail to with the subject "remove".

I understand the some of you had trouble reading prior emails due to the fact that I had sent them out in formatted form (HTML) and not all of you use mail readers that can handle that. I will try, in this and future mails to send unformatted email.
For the benefit of those who could not read some of the earlier mails, I will put everything up on a Web site, including some links to a site with pictures ( Expect the URL for the Web site in tomorrow's mail.

At this time, there is not much specific news. Work is in progress on the West Coast memorial/celebration(s), but details are not clear yet. It seems likely that Monday Nov 15, in the evening will be the date. We will update you as more details become available.

So far, 4 people from the West Coast friends are known to travel to Rochester for the celebration of Kurt's life. If anyone is interested, contact Bill Joos (

Many people have been added to the email list, including a few of Kurt's rugby friends, and many of Paula's and Gavin's friends. A complete current list follows at the end of this email. Continue to send me additions and/or corrections.

The new and complete email list (excluding family now containing 250):

<< List omitted, click here for current list >>