Mike Scanlin

Globe Americas

Chris was one of my very best friends. We met on our first day at UCSD as I was unpacking my Apple II computer. Chris came over and said “Oh, so you’re into computers? Nice. I’m Chris, by the way.” That was just the way he was… friendly and outgoing.

We were buddies all through college and after. Both of us did the EAP program to Europe in our junior year. And after college we spent some time together in Holland and in Germany. Later, we ended up working together for several years at a high tech company.

Anyone who knew Chris knows what a well-rounded and stand up guy he was. A rare combination of someone who was genuinely good in both the arts and sciences, and a pleasant person to be around.

Chris would really dig the scholarship fund that has been set up in his name. It represents him so well… It creates goodwill towards others in different cultures, helps worthy students further their studies, and promotes a sense of adventure.

It is a lasting and perpetual tribute to a great person and a great friend.

Mike Scanlin
Founder of the Chris Borton Memorial Scholarship Fund in 1996