Yulin Ma


Yulin Ma
Human Development

Yulin Ma is a human development major who is going to be studying at the University of Glasgow in Scotland in the Fall. Yulin is from Rosemead, California, a place which she refers to as “near L.A.”.

At UC San Diego, Yulin was a part of Asian and Pacific-Islander Student Alliance (APSA). She first became involved in APSA by helping them with their annual high school conference, an event which aimed to give high school students from underserved communities in San Diego a chance to experience college. Because she is a first-generation student herself, Yulin is passionate about working with youths who are unfamiliar with the process towards higher education. In the future, she would like to continue her education so that she can become a school psychologist in inner city schools. School psychology combines education and psychology, two fields she’s passionate about.

Outside of school, Yulin enjoys riding her bike along scenic routes. She enjoys San Diego for its various beaches and hiking trails. Yulin enjoys being a tourist in her own city. She is excited to be spending a year abroad and experience living in a new culture. She writes:

In my major, human development, there is a heavy emphasis on the compromise between nature and nurture in the influence of development; our genetic disposition controls only so much of our life’s trajectory and experience can heavily shape who we become. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine because what I had always valued the most in life was experiencing all that I can.