Yukio King

University of Göttingen

Yukio King
Studied Urban Studies and Planning with a particular interest in community development and environmental design.

An update from Yukio (November 2001):

Adjusting to life back here in SD took a bit getting used to. I think I am still not too set. I think Germany offered for me a new sense of independence from my life in the USA. I think I spent 20 years growing up only to realize, once I was out of the environment for a short period, that perhaps I wasn’t being too true to myself. I am just a bit disillusioned as to what is going on right now in this country. I mean all of these terrible things happening to people and at the same time people waving flags to support bombing starving people. Neighborhoods unite while others starve.

I am happy to be home and in classes that I feel I enjoy. I am getting a first rate education. I think however, that I want to go back. I just recently finished a Fulbright Application to study in Berlin again. I hope it works out somehow to get back. I mean it is not really even about Germany. I think it is more about being in an amazing place like Berlin where things are everchanging, and speaking a new language, and learning everyday. I was not done with that city yet. I am taking land-use planning, a senior research project seminar, an entry level urban studies class, and policy analysis. Pretty packed with rowing and all.

Further news:

Yukio graduated, continues with an internship in San Diego, and is still considering returning to Berlin.