Shige Itoh

Hitotsubashi University
Tokyo, Japan

Shige Itoh
Studied Management Science and Japanese Studies.
Plans for a career in US-Japanese relations. Speaks Japanese.

While in Tokyo for business in January 2001, the fund’s treasurer, Dolf Starreveld, met with Shige one evening. They enjoyed a tasty Yakitori dinner, which was ordered, in Japanese, by Shige. The photo above was taken in the restaurant.

An update from Shige (October 2001):

I returned from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan, in mid-July. Since then I have been preparing for the Law School Admissions Test and will be applying to law school this fall. I will be finishing up my Management Science and Japanese Studies majors this year, and will use my learning experiences from Japan as the foundation for the two honors theses I plan to write for both of these majors.

Further news:

In June 2002 Shige graduated with a Top Management Science degree award from the Economics department, and the Education Abroad Program Returnee Of The Year award from the International Center. He is now in his first year of Law School at the University of California at Berkeley. He comments that “the legal profession is going to be one marked with hard work and intense competition.”