Sarah Zaides


Sarah Zaides
History & Literature

Sarah, a daughter of Russian immigrants, is from Irvine, California, where she grew up speaking exclusively Russian at home. She has a brother and a “finicky” cat. Until she was 18, Sarah was a nationally ranked equestrian, and she rides for the UCSD Equestrian team. She placed 6th at the IHSA nationals in May of 2006.

Describing herself more, she says:

I love to surf, snowboard, take pictures, and wander around San Diego. I’m a history major, and I focus on the study of Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration. However, I have wider interests that span literature, critical theory, politics, and art, to name a few. Unfortunately, the study of Race and Ethnicity is a uniquely United States, west coast oriented field of study, and while at Oxford, I would like to study these things in a comparative context. I am hoping that my year abroad will give me this context that, I think, is absolutely critical in order to understand Race and Ethnicity.

In late 2006 Sarah ended her study abroad for personal reasons (forfeiting the remainder of her scholarship) and returned to UCSD.