Naomi Ogilvie


Naomi Ogilvie
Anthropology & Classics

The most important thing for Naomi has always been travelling. Having grown up with an inherent interest in other people and cultures, is reflected not only in the Anthropology / Archaeology degree that she pursues, but in the frequent trips which she is always planning.

About her travel, she writes:

It seems that I have had a new travel destination to work towards for the past four years, resulting in trips to France, New York, Israel, and a backpacking adventure around Europe. While my year of study abroad seems like a new voyage in and of itself, I still aim to visit Uzbekistan and the Baltics during my time in Europe.

About her study abroad, she says:

I’ve chosen to study in Germany since living there has been a life-long dream of mine, as my family’s frequent trips to visit relatives instilled in me a deep-rooted fondness for the country. I am especially excited to attend the Georg-August University as it hosts a different realm of study for archaeology and ancient history than UCSD. I hope to take classes on Egyptology and Byzantine archaeology during my time abroad – and maybe even learn to read hieroglyphics!