Marilyn Shapley

The American University in Cairo

Marilyn Shapley
International Studies & Literature

Marilyn Shapley is in her fourth year at UCSD as an International Studies major. She writes:

My primary focus is in literature, and my secondary focus in political science. I love having the opportunity to read comparative world literature and still feed my interest in the political events of the world! It is the perfect balance for me.

Learning languages is another exciting area of study. I can still understand Spanish from learning it in high school and using it during various trips to Mexico. But I am also conversationally fluent in Italian and I am trying to find some good Italian books I can take with me so I don’t lose competency. I just began learning Arabic at the end of my third year, and I am excited to continue studying the language in Cairo. It is so different from the Latin languages.

I am working my way through college at the Jamba Juice on campus, feeding my addiction to the best smoothies in the world! I have been an active member and leader of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at UCSD. That is where I have met my best friends, and had the most fun, especially when I get to plan parties or do service projects. I also love dancing of any kind, but especially ballet and modern.

I am going to Cairo to ride a camel. But more seriously, I am going so I can really understand the international part of my major. Having the opportunity to become entwined in the Egyptian culture is something I have wanted to do since I was six and saw a picture of a mummy. While I am there I want to study the differences in political values between our two countries. I also want to learn more about the lives of Muslim women. I’d really like to work with some of the Sudanese refugees while I’m over there. I have no clue what surprises await me by the Nile, but I am more than ready to find out.