Julia Carter

The American University in Cairo

Julia Carter
History, Religious Studies

Julia Carter is studying History and Religious Studies. She explained her choice of studying in Egypt as follows: “The intricate balance between religion, history and world politics has been maintained in the region [the Middle East] for millennia and continues to have far-reaching consequences in our world today. In order to better understand the complicated issues that exist in the Middle East, I have chosen to study abroad at the American University in Cairo¬∑.Only through direct experiences of Egypt’s culture and people can I even hope to begin to comprehend these multifaceted issues.” Prior to her departure, Julia was able to discuss some of her expectations with Ray and Verena in Davis, as well as compare Education Abroad notes at the Bortons’ with Ellie Holloway who had just returned from her year in Spain.

Julia has taken a variety of history courses (including Modern Movements in Islam as well as Egyptology), has studied the Qur’an, and is taking Arabic throughout the year. She seems to soak up knowledge of her surroundings every moment of her stay and has regaled us with many a tale of adventures right there in Cairo. “The heat and immense pollution leave one drained, while the crowds of people, maniacal taxi drivers and rapid-fire Arabic are a sheer sensory assault. As tiring as it is, I can’t get enough of it!”, Julia wrote shortly after her arrival. Later she sent this colorful description: “I’ll only say that I’ve found Cairo to be somewhat like an old sweater. It’s a bit itchy at times and it smells kinda funky. You have no idea what that oddly shaped stain is near the hem, nor do you WANT to know. But, you reach for that sweater without fail because you appreciate its eccentricities and you always find something new in the pockets.”

Julia has also taken trips to Saqqara, Memphis, Taba, Luxor, Aswan, Bahariyya Oasis, Alexandria, Istanbul and Cyprus , sharing lengthy, fascinating and wonderfully vivid accounts of her travels and impressions.