Jennifer Kim

Morelia, Mexico
Granada, Spain

Jennifer Kim
Literatures in English & Education Studies

Jennifer, from the San Fernando Valley, is a literatures in English major with an Education studies minor at UCSD. She will spend the summer in Morelia, Mexico, and then will be off to Granada, Spain, on August 23. She writes about herself:

I would someday love to be a literature teacher, preferably in high school. I have always loved to read, everything from science fiction to biographies. Teaching a literature class therefore would be perfect for me. Right now I am taking a literature course on the Canterbury Tales.

When I was younger my parents always wanted me to go abroad and experience things that they never were able to. I never thought twice about where I wanted to go; it was always settled in my heart that it would be a Spanish-speaking country. The reason for this is that I attended preschool in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although my stay there was only a year, it left a tremendous mark on my life. What I regret is that since I was so young, I wasn’t able to retain any Spanish skills. I lost it all and now, after many many years, I would like to learn the language again by going to Mexico and Spain for a year.

I was born in Busan, Korea and started school in California in the 2nd grade. I remember struggling with the English language and I know what a great achievement it was when I finally mastered it. I hope to learn Spanish just as well someday. I would love to use Spanish in my classroom in a bilingual environment. I know how beneficial it is for students to learn English in addition to retaining their first language or learning a new one. I am also on my second year of learning American Sign Language. I am only taking it for interest but perhaps, one day, it will come in handy.