Isabella Silva


Isabella Silva
Japanese Studies

Isabella writes:

I have always had a love of learning languages having studied Spanish, ASL, and Japanese, but I ultimately fell in love with the Japanese language and culture leading me to want to study abroad at Waseda University. Now that I am in college I have turned my passion into a career goal as I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies as well as taking classes to obtain a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) professional certificate. After college, I plan on moving to Japan and South Korea to become an English teacher striving not only to instruct my students on the topic of the class but additionally to be a role model and cultural ambassador.

During my college experience I have had the pleasure of being an EIA (English in Action) tutor to a student from Turkey and a student from Taiwain. We meet twice a week and during our meetings I answer the students’ specific grammar questions, explain cultural norms, and conduct conversation to help them improve their English skills. Additionally, I am a member of the Japanese book club and an amazing Kpop dance team called KOTX.