Henrick Shyu

University of Tokyo

Henrick Shyu

Henrick is majoring in Computer Science at UCSD’s Muir college. He has a curious interest in the Japanese culture and language. This year (2004-2005), he will be studying engineering abroad at the University of Tokyo in Japan.

Henrick’s curiosity in Computer Science and Japanese exploded when he arrived at UCSD. In just three years, he has completed almost every computer science and Japanese course available. Although the two subjects appear very different at first, Henrick insists that they are in fact very much linked to one another. The high-tech gadgets, videogames and anime of Japan are the basis of his passion for Computer Science. While abroad, he hopes to indulge in his interests by attaining fluency in Japanese while researching new technology and software.

If there were one word to describe Henrick, it would be “bookworm”. Although he used to be videogame-savvy, today the most fun his sense of guilt will permit him is the reading of a fantasy novel. And more times than not, that novel will be in Japanese about robots in a distant future. Like most bookworms however, he has become accustomed to an isolated existence. Through the hardships of living in another country, he hopes to force himself to become a more outgoing person.

After coming back from Japan, Henrick plans to attend graduate school at UCSD. The dreams that follow however, he dares not yet voice.