Halley Henscey

Universitá degli Studi di Bologna

Halley Henscey
International Studies

Halley, who is from San Francisco, sent us this bio:

Growing up in San Francisco, I have come to appreciate diversity as a great educator. In the city, all of the cultural districts synthesize to create an incredibly tolerant community. I strive to internalize this process by incorporating an understanding of other cultures into my education. This desire has led me to choose a major in international studies, and I expect to find fulfillment within that field of study. I have maintained hopes of an international education for as long as I can remember. I’m not sure what triggered my intrigue with other cultures, but it has constantly shaped my decisions throughout my life.

I am a language enthusiast and aim to learn five – English, Spanish, and Italian are underway, with French and Portuguese to come. The opportunity to study in Italy really is a dream come true. I don’t doubt that a year’s immersion will have me fluent in the most beautiful language I’ve ever heard.

As an artist, Italy holds special significance for me as the home of the Renaissance and of many of the world’s great masterpieces. I hope to take some courses in the fine arts while I am abroad – I can’t imagine a better place to hone my painting skills! I expect the next year to broaden my horizons and alter my view of the world.

The opportunities brought by the possibility of a year abroad serve the greater purpose of my future career goals. I hope to work with foreign languages, while being creative and interacting with the public, and I can’t imagine a better way to prepare than to throw myself wholeheartedly into another cultural setting.