Giovanni Castillo


Gio Castillo
Social Psychology

Giovanni writes:

I am a fourth-year Social Psychology major from Palm Springs, California and will be studying at the University of Barcelona for the 2017-2018 academic school year. After graduating and obtaining my Associate of Arts degree in psychology from College of the Desert, I transferred to UCSD and have been in attendance for the last two years. Growing up I was fortunate enough to enjoy Latino culture with family at home and American culture with friends at school. The differences I saw every day between American and Latino cultures sparked my fascination with exploring different cultures and understanding the subtle complexities at work behind their norms. Navigating American and Latin American cultures also partially inspired my pursuit of a graduate degree in hopes of researching the intricacies of social interaction and recently, the social psychology at play in social media. I am currently involved in two research labs at UCSD studying emotion and cognition from multiple aspects. Outside academics I am passionate about soccer and am an avid fan of Football Club Barcelona. I am a self-described “knowledge junkie” and love picking up new hobbies like surfing or the ukulele as well as reading and watching documentaries about a variety of topics. In Barcelona I hope to really sharpen my Spanish skills, pursue research opportunities, and of course, attend Barcelona games at the Camp Nou!