Ben Winkler-McCue

University of Cantabria
Santander, Spain

Ben Winkler-McCue
Studying Ecology and Spanish studies.

Ben visited the Bortons at their home in Davis and joined them for a trip to their house at Sea Ranch, where he tried out his surfboard on Black Point Beach.

Ben took an “eclectic group of classes,” all in Spanish and did very well. At the same time he traveled, surfed, and soaked up the life style of Santander. “Thanks for making this year possible. It was truly incredible.”

Ben returned to UCSD courses and work in the paleobiology lab at Scripps, where he was employed previously. He was selected for a field research job in Costa Rica from May – August 2003. He’ll be working with two ecologists from Cornell University, studying the communication of wild parrots. He’ll spend most of the month of April helping a friend sail his boat from Panama to Belize.

In the fall Ben will return to finish his studies.