Austin Leininger

University of Sterling

An update from Austin (October 2001):

Since returning from the University of Stirling in Scotland, Austin has completed his degree at UCSD, graduating magna cum laude in Religious Studies with a minor in Classical Dance (Ballet). Currently, Austin works days as Senior Technical Writer at Intel Corp. and nights and weekends as pre-seminary intern at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church where he is discerning a call to holy orders (studying to become an Episcopal Priest). Austin hopes to start Seminary school next September where he will be working toward a double masters — an MDiv (Master of Divinity needed for ordination), and an MA in Biblical Languages which he hopes to take on to the PhD level. Though he has not found a dance studio since leaving San Diego in 2000, Austin continues to hone his balance and poise by studying Goju Ryu Traditional Okinawan Karate in which he is currently a purple-belt. (The search for a dance studio continues as well!) Though Austin currently lives in San Jose, CA, he hopes to move back to Scotland for a couple of years after ordination.