Alice Wagner

University of Edinburgh
Scotland, UK

Alice Wagner

Alice Wagner is diving into the weird and wonderful world of biology in Revelle College at UCSD, yet her interest in science is balanced by an unquenchable passion for music and French literature. Her most recent adventures include studying at the University of Edinburgh this year, where she has recently developed a special interest in plant growth and development.

Alice’s early window to the international world has been through traveling with her family and various musical ensembles, playing the clarinet in orchestra and singing in the Main Street Singers. Once having tasted the amazing cultural flavors around the world, she looked forward with anticipation to having the chance to live in another country and experience its ambiance from an inhabitant’s point of view. Once in Scotland, she has continued sharing her love of music by performing with the Renaissance Singers among other musical ensembles.

Previous to her travels, Alice has been an active member of the Revelle Community Outreach service club where she orchestrated activities with Disabled Services and volunteered around the community. She is currently on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer in Edinburgh.

Alice enjoys swing dancing as much as the next gal wearing pin striped pants and has recently discovered the Scottish ceilidh as a favorite cultural tradition. She is amazed by the international diversity of students at the university, and enjoys learning about the different experiences and education her classmates have had growing up in their home communities.

Through her experiences abroad, Alice hopes to come to a better understanding of the international community, and to gain insights that will enable her to better understand and relate to people from around the world.