Alexandria Vollhardt


Alexandria Vollhardt
Literatures of the World

Alexandria writes:

I am from Ventura County, California. I’ve enjoying reading all my life, from Doctor Seuss to Nancy Drew to Ray Bradbury and beyond. I also enjoy creative arts like painting, pastiche, and drawing. At the university, I have become involved with the Muir Quarterly, a satirical newspaper created and managed by students. I am currently a staff writer and assistant copy editor.

I am very interested in languages in general, and I consider language-learning one of my hobbies. I took four years of German language in high school, and have taken German literature classes during the last two years at UCSD. I also work with French, Italian, and Medieval English in my studies, though I am not fluent. I want to better my language skills in Germany–primarily my German, but I would also like to continue learning French.

During my year in Berlin, I hope to expand my worldview and develop myself as a person. I believe travel makes people more compassionate, confident, and capable. I chose to study in Berlin as a way to continue engaging with my heritage while also experiencing a city completely new to me. I am extremely grateful to those who have helped make this trip possible, especially because travelling has been my dream since I was young.

At UCSD, I am majoring in Literatures of the World, specifically focusing on European literatures and literary theory. Eventually, I would like to teach at the university level and continue research in literature. I also have a strong interest in linguistics and philosophy, which I hope to incorporate in my work.

In early 2017 Alexandria ended her study abroad for personal reasons (forfeiting the remainder of her scholarship) and returned to UCSD.