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“How has your study abroad experience impacted you?”

In May 2006 we gathered at “The Land” in the Santa Cruz mountains, the place where Chris used to folk dance every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, and where we held a celebration of his life in June 1996. During the Memorial Day weekend in 2001 we had a little ceremony there to mark when five years had passed since he died. This year we observed the ten-year point. Rather than dwelling on the past, we wanted to illustrate how many positive results have been generated by the scholarships that are based on his legacy.

We asked past and present scholarship recipients to write a paragraph or two (no more than a page) describing how the education abroad experience impacted them as seen from each person’s current vantage point. It was wonderful to get responses from most members of our scholarship “family.” The statements were put together into a booklet titled Reflections. The collection of impressions is a very personal illustration of the value of providing opportunities for living, studying and traveling abroad.

Since that original booklet, we have received additional reflections, which are all included here as well.

Individual Reflections

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