The fund will accept donations in cash or in stock. Cash donations will be deposited directly into the fund’s cash reserves. Donations in stock must be made directly to the fund’s brokerage account. Your contribution will be recognized for cash value equal to the closing price of the last trading day before the donation, multiplied by the number of shares donated. Typically the donation will be converted to cash by selling the stock. The fund cannot guarantee that a donated stock will not be sold. Sometimes making a contribution in stock rather than cash can be a substantial tax benefit to the donor. Please consult your tax advisor.


When making donations in cash, please submit a check, drawn in US funds, or international money order to:

Chris Borton Memorial Scholarship Fund
101 E. 7th Street
Davis, CA 95616

Alternatively, and more conveniently, you can click on the button below to make an on-line donation using PayPal. You’ll be able to donate using a credit card or debit card (we will not retain any payment information) without having a PayPal account. If you have a PayPal account you may also be able to pay from your connected bank account. You can setup a one-time donation, or a monthly recurring donation if that is more convenient. After completing the transaction you will receive a receipt for your records via email. Thank you for your donation supporting our cause!


If you wish to contribute stock to the fund, rather than cash, please instruct your broker to make the transfer using the information below:

D A Davidson: DTC # 0574
Attn: Joe Scanlin/Angie Becker/Suzy Lawrence
624 Grand Ave., Suite 2600, Los Angeles, CA 90017-9807
Chris Borton Scholarship Fund: Acct # 70-65342-1-060

Your broker should confirm this transfer with a letter detailing the amount of shares, stock symbol and price at the time of transfer (close of trading day before transfer). This letter should be sent to both the broker listed above, as well as the fund’s treasurer.

Matching Funds

Please keep in mind that many companies have a matching fund gift program. They will match all, or part of, a gift made by an employee (or sometimes a for retired employee) to a qualified charitable institution. Please inquire with your employer.


All donors will generally receive a thank you note from the board. Such a note is not a formal receipt. Formal receipts are not routinely sent, but can be generated on request to the treasurer. Generally you may retain evidence of your cancelled check as your proof of donation. You are solely responsible for retaining any and all evidence for your tax purposes.

If you have any other financial questions, please contact the treasurer by email:


Although the fund does not make the list of donors available, other than as required by law, we understand that some donors wish to remain anonymous for all other purposes. If this is the case, please indicate so with your donation and we will at all times make sure your name is not published or shared.