Board of Directors

The board of directors, as per the fund’s bylaws, will have a minimum of 4 directors, and a maximum of 7 directors, with less than 50% of the directors being direct family of Chris. The board will have designated officers for the position of president, treasurer, and secretary, and is responsible for the day to day management of the fund (finances and other operational matters), and for selection of the scholarship awardees.

The founding board consisted of: Ray Borton, Verena Borton, Joan Starreveld (Burg) and Mike Scanlin (Fund founder).

The current board of directors, and its officers consists of:

Dolf Starreveld – PresidentJoan Starreveld – SecretaryBenjamin Borton – Treasurer
Ray Borton – DirectorVerena Borton – Director
Patrick McEvoy – DirectorElaine Johnson – Director

The board meets several times a year to conduct the fund’s business. Once a year (April/May) it receives candidate applications from UCSD’s Programs Abroad Office and selects that year’s recipients. Later in the year, it publishes a newsletter to give all contributors and awardees an update on the fund’s status and the whereabouts and activities of past and present awardees.