Board of Directors Meeting

On Saturday February 24, 2018 the board of directors held its annual meeting. At this meeting new bylaws were adopted that now allow us to have up to 7 directors. Immediately following, three new board members were instated by unanimous assent: Benjamin Borton, Patrick McEvoy, and Elaine Johnson. Also, board member Ray Borton stepped down as president, and Dolf Starreveld stepped down as treasurer. Newly elected officers were Dolf Starreveld as president, and Benjamin Borton as treasurer.

The board is very grateful for the many years of service as president by Chris’ father Ray Borton and welcomes the formal involvement of Chris’ brother Benjamin (Ben) Borton.

The board also formally approved making available four scholarships, $7,000 each, to UCSD students planning to study abroad for the 2018/2019 year.

We also replaced the “old” web site with the renewed web site on which you are reading this. Look for future additions to content and information for applying students.